I have a simple goal.

To write about The Still Small Voice.

The Still Small Voice that is within every single person.

And I feel the irony in writing about The Still Small Voice on the internet.

The Still Small voice is not found in the internet (or on social media, or in text chains or phone calls.)

But The Still Small Voice does respond and have things to say about all of those things – which is why I'm here.

And why I'm here simply – on a simple platform – because I've found that The Still Small Voice likes to make things simpler. In all ways.

Like most, I have complicated my life multiple times over, only to realize, in the thick of the crazy that all I want, desire and need is the simple.

But I always, always take something back into my simple rest from the complicated things and experiences I created. I am a different person each time.

The Still Small Voice calls me to grow and expand, yet still stay true to myself within that growth and expansion.

The Still Small Voice is you at your fullest, most complete, most pure, most actualized, most peaceful and energetic self.

The Still Small Voice does not categorize or file or standardize. The Still Small Voice is comfortable holding and being contradictions.

The Still Small Voice is beyond our human understanding. Thank God – because he/she/they definitely know more about us and the world than all of us will ever know combined.

The Still Small Voice is higher knowledge, understanding and consciousness. And I always need more of that. All the time.

Don't we all?